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About Us

Nestled in  the small town of Julian in the mountains of San Diego county The Julian Candy Basket is a blast to the past.  We feature over 500 candies including nostalgic (mary janes, peanut butter bars, walnettos, etc) licorice, gummy, chocolate, hard candy, seasonal, organic and kosher. 

We specialize in having what other stores don't, candies that are hard to find anywhere else.  Teaberry gum, black jack, wax bottles and lips, etc.


We include candy from around the world.  Our selection has grown to include over 100 varieties of soda, nostalgic and new including over 20 brands of rootbeer, along with birch beer, fruit and novelty drinks (pumpkin, apple jalepeno, bacon). 



Buy Candy Online, Julian Candy Basket
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